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High School Parenting Skills

Pre Requisites



What is the best way to care for children and teach them self-confidence and a sense of responsibility? The process of parenting involves more than having a child and providing food and shelter. In this course, students learn what to prepare for, what to expect, and what vital steps parents can take to create the best environment for their children.Parenting roles and responsibilities, nurturing and protective environments for children, positive parenting strategies, and effective communication in parent/child relationships are some of the topics covered in this course. In addition, students get to know some careers and resources available that support families as well as debunking common parenting myths. Get started today and learn about the skills parents need to raise healthy and productive kids.

Module 01 - The Modern Family

·        Types of Families

·        Family Relationships

·        Family Foundations

·        A Cultural Mosaic

·        Road to Becoming a Parent

Module 02 - As We Grow

·        Baby Steps

·        The Land of Make Believe

·        The Wonder Years

·        Spreading Their Wings

·        The Road Less Traveled

Module 03 - Navigating Successful Parenting

·        Shaping Behaviors

·        Protecting Children

·        Finding Quality Care

·        Back to School

·        Learning to Fly

Module 04 - Lead by Example

·        Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

·        Coping with Changes

·        Communication is the Key

·        Professionals Supporting Families

·        Family in the Community

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