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Parent/Guardian Account

FlexPoint Virtual School Parent/Guardian Account

Parent/Guardian Account

FlexPoint Virtual School values parents as partners. From approving course requests to monitoring progress, the Parent/Guardian Account allows parents to have a hands-on approach with their student's academic life.

With your Parent/Guardian Account you will have:

  • 24-7 online access to submitted and/or graded assignments and your child's grade book
  • Monthly phone calls from teachers
  • Monthly progress reports emailed to parent emails
  • Regular email updates from teachers
  • Extensive access to teachers

What is the Role of the Parent?

FlexPoint Virtual School partners with parents to ensure student success. Parents regularly connect with teachers and can review student progress and grades at any time. At the elementary level, parents of students are more hands-on and involved in guiding students and assisting with projects or schoolwork that may be completed both on or away from the computer. This on-site supervision and support is critical in the early years, while students in older grades begin to work more independently. Parents also have access to your student's course of study and instructional materials, including the source of any supplemental education materials.

How to create your Parent/Guardian Account

Elementary Parents/Guardians: Log-In Credentials are created during registration.

Middle School and High School Parents: Please follow steps below to set up a Parent/Guardian account.

  1. Student Completes Application
    First, the student must complete the sign up process. Once the student has completed the online application they will receive a Student Username/ Password. You will need this Student Username/ Password to create your Parent/Guardian Account.
  2. Create your Parent/Guardian Account

How to add new students to your Parent/Guardian Account

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Under “Student Records” – click on “Add Another Student.”
  3. The page will refresh and ask to enter the student’s login information to connect the two accounts.